You Going the Distance…

Our 12th Annual Red Shoe Run will be here before you know it — this time of year always flies by as we are all gathering and celebrating the holidays together. A race is probably farthest from your mind, but you have a chance to make a difference in a family’s life with one simple act of registering.

You may be an avid runner training for the Merecedes Marathon, a beginner who is working on your Couch to 5K Program or someone who has never run before, but we want you to know that you can do it!!

We see the unthinkable happen everyday at the Ronald McDonald House. We see families coming together to support each other during their darkest times.. we see kids walking and talking days after surgery when doctors said they wouldn’t for months.. we see kids live well past their age expectancy.. we see relationships broken and put back together again.. we see complete strangers become the best of friends. We see it all and we want you to know something.

You going the distance means a family doesn’t have to.

You can sign up to go the distance on race day and you are donating to a mission that keeps families close — to each other and the care they need. You can run 10 miles. You can run or walk 3.1 miles. You can run or walk 1 mile, but no matter the distance you are helping families stay 0.1 miles away from the hospital caring for their sick or injured child.

Many of the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House live hundreds of miles away from the care their child needs. The circumstances that brought them to Birmingham could be anything, but traveling hours to and from the hospital every day is not always an option. Hotels are expensive and not convenient to the world renowned hospitals in Birmingham like Children’s of Alabama and UAB.

By registering to run, starting a team or even registering as a “sleep in” you are helping raise funds that make the mission of RMHCA a reality for those families we are able to help. We encourage you to give in whatever capacity you can and if that means Red Shoe Run isn’t the answer for you — take a look at our website for other ways to get involved or give online.