Infant inside NICU incubator

At the birth of my son, I was given two options: to send him to Birmingham, AL or Jackson, MS – both more than 3 hours from home in York, AL. Our area hospital didn’t have the proper equipment to care for our micro-preemie, Corderall. He was born quickly and unexpectedly at just 25 weeks gestation. Everything was happening so fast, and I feared the worst. I was overwhelmed with guilt, wondering if there was anything I could have done to prevent this as he left without us for UAB Hospital via jet.

When I was discharged, I immediately traveled to Birmingham to move into the Ronald McDonald House to be close to my son. The House provided us so much comfort in our time of distress. My husband and I had a clean, safe place to lay our heads after a long day at the hospital. Financial costs were greatly reduced because the House always had donated food in the refrigerator or there were hot meals available. Even at the height of a global pandemic, we felt safe at the Ronald McDonald House.

After 102 days, Corderall was discharged on April 29, 2020. Today, our big boy weighs over 9 pounds! I’m not sure what our journey’s outcome would have been without the Ronald McDonald House. For us and so many other families, you are the key to making it possible. We are forever indebted and grateful. Thank you!

Tyletha Lord, Corderall’s Mom

Father and mother pose for a photo with their infant son.

Each year, hundreds of our guest families face the same decision as Tyletha. The critical and urgent care their child needs is simply not available in their home communities. Your support of our mission breaks down barriers, allowing families to access the care their child needs, while also providing extra comfort, support, and care!

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