Wyatt’s Story

A mother and father hold their infant sonThanks to your support, Wyatt’s journey from a fragile preemie to a healthy baby included the love of his family!

On Valentine’s Day, Lily and Bobby’s dinner plans were canceled when doctors realized she was in labor 10 weeks early. They made it safely to UAB Hospital where Wyatt was born.

After three weeks in the NICU, Wyatt developed a brain bleed. With such distressing news, Lily and Bobby only wanted to be by Wyatt’s side.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room, located within the UAB Regional NICU, gave the couple a place to sleep and eat while doctors monitored Wyatt.

Faced with an indefinite hospital stay, the Ronald McDonald House provided the family a world of comfort, care and kindness.

“You just made us feel taken care of and covered during a time with so much uncertainty and when we had so little control over anything. We didn’t have to worry about the little things and could focus on our son.” — Lily Rosene

Lily reflects on the profound impact you made for her family and says Wyatt is thriving!

A mother and father hold their infant in the hospital

“There will never be enough thank-yous for all you do. We’re so grateful for everything that was done for us because it’s the biggest form of care anyone could do for us in those moments,” Lily says.

Thank you for your support of RMHC of Alabama — because of you, our organization is able to help families like Wyatt’s.

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