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Wambura family: It’s a relief to know ‘home’ is so close

Lizzy Wambura, who isn’t quite 3-years-old yet, has had to face a lot of scary medical issues in her life.

Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at just five months old, her family has had their hearts broken many times while watching her deal with the pain of this disease.

“We talked to our older children about Lizzy’s health,” Sarah, Lizzy’s mom, says. “They were sad and wished to do something to help her.”

The family worked with their hematologist to explore bone marrow transplants to help Lizzy. They all offered to be the match for Lizzy and in a surprising turn, one of Lizzy’s older siblings was a match!

“For the first time since Lizzy was born, we could see a green light to her health,” Sarah says.

Lizzy couldn’t have a bone marrow transplant until after she turned 2-years-old. The procedure was completed in mid-2021 and Sarah says the hardest part for Lizzy was not being able to see her siblings, due to her immunocompromised state. But there was a silver lining!

“At the Ronald McDonald House, we had an opportunity to meet and make new friends. This place will always be a part of our lives!” Sarah says.

In December 2021, Lizzy had a stem cell transplant because the bone marrow transplant hadn’t worked in managing her disease. After discharge, she and Sarah didn’t have to worry about where they could stay during Lizzy’s recovery. Thanks to you, they didn’t have to drive two hours home to Guntersville or pay for a hotel. They were able to check in to the Ronald McDonald House and take relief from all of the services RMHCA provides.

“You provided a shelter for Lizzy to recover from her transplants and a chance to meet and make new friends. After long hours at the hospital, I’m so relieved knowing ‘home’ is just around the corner,” Sarah, Lizzy’s mom, says.

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