Happy Wheels is a new and innovative program that delivers the comfort and care provided by the Ronald McDonald House to children and families while they’re at Children’s of Alabama.  The Happy Wheels Cart will run in the clinics at Children’s of Alabama 2-3 days per week for two-hour shifts in the morning and afternoon.  The volunteers will pass out drinks and snacks to the children and families who are waiting to see the doctors.  There will be some small activity packs to pass out to the children as well. We need at least two volunteers for each shift.  Right now we are starting with Tuesday and Thursday but we hope to add days as we add volunteers.

Please note that all volunteers for the Happy Wheels Cart must:

  • Be 16 or older
  • Complete volunteer training at the RMHCA
  • Qualify to be a volunteer at Children’s of Alabama
  • Complete volunteer training at Children’s of Alabama
  • Be able to commit to at least one shift every other week — You are welcome to work more often!
  • Plan on a minimum commitment of six months –You can work for a longer period of time, if desired!
  • Be able to walk for a minimum of two hours
  • Be able to push Happy Wheels Cart to designated areas while also bend and reach for low materials on the cart

I understand the above requirements! — How Do I Become A Happy Wheels Cart Volunteer?

  1. Complete our online Volunteer Application.
  2. Attend one of our Volunteer Orientation sessions.
  3. Complete a background check at orientation.
  4. Complete the Children’s of Alabama’s Volunteer Process.
  5. Schedule and complete your first day of training at RMHCA.
  6. Set up your volunteer schedule.


If you have items you would like to donate for the Happy Wheels Cart, like individually wrapped snacks, toothbrushes, travel-sized toiletries, small books, games, and toys we would love to have them on our cart. Please keep in mind that due to inpatient health and safety protocols, all donated items must be new and unused, and food items must be indivudially wrapped and labeled. For questions about the items in the cart, please contact:
April Dickerson
Director of Family Programming


Ronald McDonald House is a NON-DENOMINATIONAL organization. We have families with us from around the globe representing many different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs. We cannot appear to favor any specific one. Passing out any type of religiously-themed literature or engaging in any type of religious solicitation is prohibited.

Due to the unique nature of all volunteer placements at RMHCA, it is our policy to not accept any volunteer placements by any court-mandated referrals.



Volunteer Coordinator, Alice Taylor