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Volunteer Spotlight: Happy Wheels Cart

Volunteer Lisa Bolton shows off the Happy Wheels Cart. Lisa Bolton shares why it’s so rewarding to serve as a Happy Wheels Cart Volunteer.

What inspired you to becoming a Happy Wheels Cart Volunteer? I was new to RMHCA and I thought it would be a great way to get to know other volunteers and to serve the community.

What is your volunteer time like? Shifts are two hours each. We offer snacks and drinks to children (and their families) who are patients at one of the clinics we serve.

What do you love most about working with the Happy Wheels Cart? I love seeing the faces of these children light up when they get a snack! Sometimes they’ve had a rough day and this helps make things better for them.

How do you see Happy Wheels making a positive impact on kids and families? I believe we make a positive impact by reaching outside of the scope seen by the House. These children are from all over the state and make day trips to Children’s of Alabama. These families may not be aware of what RMHCA is all about. It’s nice to help these children and also present a positive front for the House.

What last thought would you like to share about becoming a Happy Wheels Cart Volunteer? Please join this worthwhile program. It is worth the effort! You are paid back twofold when you see those smiling faces as you offer the children a snack!

Are you ready to volunteer? Learn more about how to become a Happy Wheels Cart Volunteer and all our other volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Lisa Bolton tells a child about the available snacks on the Happy Wheels Cart.Two children show off the snacks they chose from the Happy Wheels Cart.