The Newsom Family Story

A family poses for a photo with a sign that says "We're going home!"It’s almost a straight drive down I-65 from Madison, Alabama to Birmingham and according Google Maps, it’ll take about and hour and a half. It sounds simple — as long as the child you love isn’t fighting for her life in a Birmingham-area hospital, far from you and your support system.

Baby Zoe was born with half a heart and went directly into the care of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) and Children’s of Alabama. Doctors placed her on life support following open heart surgery and several operations before she was a month old.

Tiffany and Gerald, Zoe’s parents, were able to be by her side thanks to your support of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama.

“It has been a huge blessing financially. I don’t know what we would have done without it and having to travel,” Tiffany says.

Thankfully, Zoe was placed on the transplant list and received her “miracle heart” at 3-months-old.

“She did have some complications post-transplant resulting in her needing a trach to breath,” Tiffany says.

The Ronald McDonald House can be a key component in a transplant patient’s journey.

“The convenience to the hospital is so helpful for Zoe’s many follow up appointments,” Tiffany says.

Until the medical team deems it safe to go home, patients like Zoe must stay close to the hospital following a transplant for weekly follow-ups and in case they need emergency medical care.

“Thank you for everything the Ronald McDonald House does,” Tiffany, Zoe’s mom, says. “The daily smiles and greetings, meals and hospitality mean everything.”

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