Student Leadership Council Working Together

b__5ZpOeG4pL-18tXP4i5k9t3XbgNWlSu9KuYZYoK0AOur newly formed Student Leadership Council held their annual Open House event in August. We loved being able to see these high school students from all over Birmingham connect and work together to pull off a great day. Each year this program becomes stronger and we love seeing it grow.

The Open House is always an exciting day — There were several tours given throughout the day and informational tables set up to inform the public about our Meals Program, the Pop Tab Fundraiser, our Specialty Car Tag and other ways to get involved. We even had the photo booth set up for some fun pictures! (Check them out on our Flickr page!)

Our friends from the Birmingham Barons came and toured the House and even took pictures with our families. The kids were so excited to see the players and Babe Ruff — it was all around an amazing event.

We cannot wait to see what else this group does this year — stay tuned for details about their annual Bowlapoozla in February.