Stronger Together: The Dice Family

A man, woman and their three children

Anyone watching brothers Levi and Jordan play together would assume they’re just typical grade schoolers.

But these special kiddos have a rare condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, which causes extremely fragile bones that can break or fracture easily.

Thankfully, they are patients at the Metabolic Bone Clinic where they get infusions every six months to make their bones stronger.

And even better? Thanks to your support of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama, Jordan and Levi have their entire family with them to cheer them on and take care of them when the infusions upset their stomachs.

“This situation is tough for everyone,” their mom, Candace says. “Knowing we have the Ronald McDonald House to stay at gives us relief as parents. Here, all my kids can be themselves.”

The Ronald McDonald House has guest rooms that vary in size, including some that can fit 5 family members, like the Dices. Parents Jed and Candace and big sister Savannah always accompany Jordan and Levi to Birmingham.

“I have osteogenesis imperfecta too and I couldn’t make this trip without my husband,” Candace says.

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When Jordan and Levi first started seeing their doctors in Birmingham, the family stayed in a hotel and it became clear to Jed and Candace that they needed a different solution.

“Hotels are expensive so all we could do was drive up, go immediately to our appointments and go home,” Candace says. “At the Ronald McDonald House, we can go to the park, the zoo, and there are multiple play areas for the kids too.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama’s mission is to be available to as many families as possible, for as long as they need a quiet, comfortable place to stay during medical treatment.

With a room at the Ronald McDonald House, the Dices can take their time driving 5 or more hours from Mobile to Birmingham and get a good night’s rest the night before the boys’ infusions.

They don’t have to stress about leaving right after treatment either – they can rest at the House in the afternoon and grab dinner provided by volunteers.

Making a difference for guest families like the Dices is so easy. Make a monthly gift to help keep our doors open, whenever guest families need the comfort and care of the Ronald McDonald House. Or gather your coworkers, family, faith and/or service group to provide dinner one night!

Candace and Jed have nothing but thanks for the donors and volunteers who make the RMHCA mission possible.

“Thank you so much for everything y’all do to help every family that stays at the Ronald McDonald House. Y’all are truly a Godsend!”

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