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Storms on Christmas Night

We always appreciate the help provided by our volunteers who are always there to lend a hand — no matter what might be needed on a given day.  On Christmas night, Heather and her family were at the Ronald McDonald House preparing and serving dinner for our families — this is something that happens often, as we try to have volunteers serve dinner nightly.  But dinner on Christmas night was different for more reasons than it being a holiday.

There was a threat of a tornado in our area. So even though the local tv and radio stations were providing information about where potential danger might occur as a result of the severe weather, the families who were far from home and only ‪‎in Birmingham for their child’s medical treatment, had no real understanding of the location of the Ronald McDonald House relative to these possible threats.

In Alabama, we know storms can change direction in an instant — so knowing where you are relative to the path of a storm is very important in making sure everyone stays safe.  We are so thankful for Heather and Brian who, not only served dinner on Christmas, but also helped provide comfort for these families.  Heather posted on her Facebook page, that she was scared, but said “I couldn’t be scared, they needed someone to reassure them and God said, Brian and Heather, that’s your job.”

We are also thankful that the severe weather did not cause any major harm in our area, but had it come close to ‎RMHCA, we know Heather and Brian would have been able to tell our families where the storm was heading and to help them find the safest places in our facility to wait out the danger.

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