Staying Close with Less Stress

TidmoreWhen Lindsey’s water broke at just 22 weeks 5 days, she knew it would be a long journey, but she did not know what all it would involve. She was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Gestational Pemphigoid which causes a severe rash. If pregnant, the blisters can cause you to lose amniotic fluid and deliver early premature babies with very low birth weight.

We asked Lindsey to share your story with us, read her words below.

“Once I was admitted to the UAB Women’s and Infants Center they told me I would have to stay in the High Risk until I delivered. With many prayers and God’s help my sweet baby girl stayed in until I was 27 weeks 4 days! They then had to do an emergency C-section because her heart rate kept dropping. On December 20, 2015 our sweet angel Brynn Rivers Tidmore entered the world weighing 2 lb 3 oz and was 13 1/4 inches long.”

“She was the best Christmas present we could have ever received!”

Lindsey went on to tell us, “This has and will continue to be a long road but with God’s help we can get through it!”

SistersWith such a high need, Lindsey and her family were put on the waiting list for a room at Ronald McDonald House when Brynn was delivered.

“We arrived the first day on Christmas. We were met with open arms and open hearts and as soon as we arrived they took our little girl that is 4 to Ronald’s Workshop to pick out toys and to pick out her baby sister some toys. They provided meals and a place to stay where we could be right beside our baby girl!”

“We are very grateful for the Ronald McDonald House. We will be here for the next two months and to know that we can stay close to her makes it so much more less stressful! The Ronald McDonald House is such a blessing for families like ours. Thank y’all so much for helping during this time, we are so grateful.” 

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