RMHCA welcomes new Volunteer Coordinator

A woman with brown hair and glasses poses for a photo

Please enjoy this guest blog from RMHCA’s new Volunteer Coordinator!

Hi, friends! My name is Zelma Mae Cable (it’s a double name!) and I’m so excited to be your new Volunteer Coordinator.

I first became familiar with RMHC the way many of you likely did – by dropping my change at McDonald’s. Though that initial support was small – 50 cents here, 75 there – it opened the door to learning about all the amazing and vital support RMHC provides to families across the world.

Later, while in school at the University of Montevallo, I deepened my connection with the charity through membership in Alpha Delta Pi: a social sorority which supports RMHC’s global mission through fundraising and volunteering.

By the time I was selected to serve as a Marketing Intern at RMHCA in 2019, I (like you) had developed a true passion for supporting families in any way I could. This summer stands out as solidifying my heart for the House as I connected with families, volunteers, community partners, and the dedicated staff. The way each of these groups collaborates while focusing on our mission continues to inspire me as I take on this new role.

Going from rounding up change to volunteering, fundraising, and interning in college, to being a monthly donor, and now to supporting the mission full-time… it feels like a full-circle moment.

I know each of you have your own unique stories for why YOU support our mission and how you got involved, and I’d love to hear them. If you have been a volunteer or are looking to get involved, please feel free to send me an email at zelmamae.cable@rmhca.org to introduce yourself! In the coming weeks and months, I hope to connect personally with many of you as we work as a team to support families when they need it most.