Give $45 for 45 Years 

Restock our Volunteer Closet!


One of our featured ways to help in February is donating supplies for our Volunteer Closet.

The items found in our Volunteer Closet enable volunteers to tidy and clean tables and kitchens before and after dinner; sanitize toys in our play areas; and keep our House welcoming for guest families! If assisting around the House sounds fulfilling to you, please apply to volunteer! We can always use an extra set of hands to help.

Below you will find a list of the items we need, including the quantities. If an item quantity has been met, please browse the rest of our Wish List for other needed items!


4 Broom and dustpan sets
Amazon | Target

broom and dust bin

2 Microfiber, extendable dusters
Amazon | Target


4 Swiffer Sweeper Wet+Dry Starter Kits
Amazon | Target

Swiffer mop

4 packs of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (includes 3 tubs)
Amazon | Target

clorox wipes

4 Clorox Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Kits
Amazon | Target

cleaning spray

4 Clorox Sanitizing Spray
Amazon | Target

cleaning spray

1 Box of HeloGreen 8×8 To Go Food Containers

to go food containers

How to Get the Supplies to Us

  • Contactless drop off at our House (please ring buzzer and let our staff know you’re there to drop off items)
  • Ship them directly to 1700 4th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233 from your favorite store
  • Shop the Amazon Wish List and ship directly to us

Thank you for your support of our mission!