Remember that I am only 2 – Michael’s Story

My name is Micheal Horseman and I am only 2 years old.  I was born at 33 weeks weighing a whopping 1 lb 13 oz.  Everyone tells me that I was tiny, but cute.  Looking back at the pictures I must agree. On top of being premature, I had CMV, my intestines were turned around, and I had to be tested for HIV since one of my parents was HIV positive.

Michael and GrandmaMy grandmother has had custody of me since I was born and she takes great care of me. She is always talking about this place called the Ronald McDonald House.  It makes me think about Happy Meals but she has been trying to explain to me that this place is much bigger than a Happy Meal.  I can’t imagine anything being bigger.  You have to remember that I am only 2.

My grandmother told me that this was her home away from home while I was in the hospital.  She could go to sleep in a nice cozy bed, she could take hot showers and have a delicious dinner to eat every evening.  She told me that she got to meet some really nice people that worked at this place and she met some really nice families that also had a sick child like me in the hospital.  Why does any of this matter, again, I’m only 2.

My grandmother keeps telling me that if it weren’t for this place she doesn’t know how we would have made it.  There were times when I just wasn’t doing well in the hospital and the doctors had to call my grandmother over to hold me during these rough periods.  I didn’t know how she got to me so quickly, maybe she flew. Remember I’m only 2.

Just the other day I had a follow-up appointment at the hospital.  The doctors wanted to see how well I was doing.  Now they tell me that I am 6 months to a year ahead developmentally of where I should be.   My grandmother decided to take me to RMH so that she could show me off.   We walk across the street and there it is.

This place is AWESOME! There is food and snacks, toys, books, video games, a playground, and other kids for me to play with.  I’m still looking for those Happy Meals so just give me break, I’ve been trying to tell you that I am only 2.

Love, Michael