Double your donation to the Building Hope Fund! 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama collects aluminum pop tabs year-round, and the recycling of these tabs generates necessary income to allow us to continue to serve children and families outside of the Birmingham-area.

What is a Pop Tab?

A Pop Tab is the piece of metal that opens aluminum cans. Like the can, the Pop Tab is recyclable. It is a small piece, yet a refundable piece.

Why only Pop Tabs instead of the whole can?

Well, the tabs and the can are all the same aluminum. The tabs are easier to store, easier to recycle, and cleaner than collecting cans. The amount of money received is determined by the weight of aluminum collected. These pop tabs can make a big impact when collected in numbers.

How do I get my school involved?

Great question! Click here to find out how to participate in our Pop Tab Pandemonium contest!

Some Fun Facts

  • 1 pound of aluminum is sold for approximately 70¢ (current price)
  • 1,280 pop tabs make 1 pound
  • 1 inch = 1 pop tab
  • 136 pounds = house a family at RMHCA for 1 night
  • 950 pounds = take care of a family for 1 week
  • 1 mile = 63,360 pop tabs

Pop Tab Containers

We encourage groups to be as creative as they wish when constructing their collection containers which can be made out of buckets, coffee cans, cardboard boxes or any other sturdy container. If possible, please bring your pop tabs in closed boxes, zip lock or sealed bags or closed WIDE-mouth containers. Please avoid gallon milk jugs, water bottles and other narrow-necked containers, as they make the recycling process time-consuming and difficult.

Turn in Pop Tabs

poptabfaqYou may drop off your pop tabs at the RMHCA front desk 24/7. No appointment necessary!


Tabs can be dropped off in the small House pictured to the left that is located in our driveway.


You may mail your Pop Tabs to RMHCA:

Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Alabama
1700 4th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233

*Be sure to include your name(s), school or organization name and contact information when sending your collections to ensure proper acknowledgement of your donation.

More questions?

Stephanie Duncan, Volunteer Coordinator