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Planet Fundraiser Q&A with Randy

Planet FundraiserPlanet Fundraiser is a free phone app that is easy to use and supports the Ronald McDonald House. If you are interested in supporting RMHCA through the app, follow our easy step-by-step instructions {click here}.

Randy Nichols is a long-time supporter of the Ronald McDonald House and our upcoming 2017 Board of Directors President. We sat down with him to ask him a little about why he loves Planet Fundraiser.

Q:  Why do you choose to use Planet Fundraiser to support the Ronald McDonald House?
A: I always try to do whatever I can to support RMHCA. The Planet Fundraiser app is just another one of the things I do to show my support.

Q:  How do you incorporate Planet Fundraiser into your normal routine?
A: As a lawyer, I wear a lot of clothing that has to be dry cleaned. Luckily, the dry cleaner I use is a merchant that supports Planet Fundraiser.  After picking up my clean clothes, I scan the receipt each time before I throw it away.

Q:  What merchant do you scan the most receipts from?
A: Complete Cleaners in Trussville (the Tutweiler location). It’s the only one I have ever used, but I am on the lookout for other places I frequent to get on the app. 

Q:  How much have you raised for the Ronald McDonald House so far? (Hint: This can be found in the app under “my dashboard.”)
A: In a little under 3 months, I have been able to raise $24.87 from purchases I would be making anyway. 

Q:  What would you say to someone who is hesitant to use Planet Fundraiser?
A: It couldn’t be easier and it costs you nothing more than the time to scan your receipt.