No More Air Mattress: RMHCA Provides A Safe Place For Tiffany

We’re often asked what Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama can do for families. For Tiffany’s family, we give them a safe place to stay when the alternative is sleeping on an air mattress set up in their family vehicle.

Born premature, Tiffany fought through a heart condition, underdeveloped lungs and a submucous palate.

She was diagnosed with autism and A-Pert Syndrome, which creates a serious deformation in her bones. For Tiffany, this means her fingers are fused together and her feet are malformed.

“The prognosis that we were given was that she would never walk or talk and that she would be a dwarf. Needless to say we were heartbroken,” Tammy, Tiffany’s mom, said. “With all that my daughter was going through it made it difficult to leave her bedside.”

Tiffany has endured skull reconstruction surgeries that her family hopes will help her breathe better and leave more room for her brain to grow. She has also had several surgeries on her hands to create fingers.

Through it all, Tammy says her daughter finds joy in life.

“I am sure that everyone is concerned with Tiffany’s quality of life but you have to see this kid on a softball field,” Tammy said. “She laughs just like other kids, she runs just like other kids, and she loves wearing makeup just like the teenagers.”

Tiffany also loves when her older sister and younger brother can travel with her but Tammy says it can be really hard keeping everyone together when the family has to travel four hours from their home to Birmingham for treatment.

“With the cost of medical procedures, travel, lodging, food, gas and auto maintenance we have exhausted all of our finances,” Tammy said.

But that’s where Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama has made an impact. At our House, families stay for free. Tammy says if it wasn’t for our House, she and her family would have to sleep on an air mattress in their truck.

“This place not only gave us a bed to sleep in but they provide meals, field trips, and an amazing support system for all 41 of their families,” Tammy said.

“I know that this place can’t change my daughter’s diagnosis but it definitely makes life a bit easier as we travel the road to making Tiffany a normal, happy, healthy child.  Thank you for supporting Ronald MacDonald House Charities of Alabama,” Tammy added.

Keeping families together. This is our mission here at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama and we’re proud to have done this for Tiffany’s family.

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