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Meet the Volunteer(s): Ann Claire and Martha

Two women wear red t-shirts with the word volunteer on the front Friends Ann Claire and Martha first learned about Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMHCA) through fellow Sunday School member, Jennifer, who is part of the RMHCA team. They knew they wanted to volunteer after hearing Jennifer explain how she was helping families at the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room at UAB Women & Infants Center.

In January 2019, the pair got to work. At first, they helped staff catch up on filing and other administrative tasks before eventually making their way into the kitchen. Throughout that year, they whipped up cookies, brownies, snack mix, and more to families eager for a handmade treat.

“It’s just great knowing you’re doing something kind for someone else,” says Martha.

Following a break from 2020-2022, they’re back and just as excited as ever to fill the House with the smell of baked goods.

cookies laid out in rows on wax paper

“When I’m in the kitchen, I always think about how wonderful it is that the Ronald McDonald House is here for people who need it,” Ann Claire says.

Both women shared a similar sense of joy and contentment in knowing families would come “home” to a special treat after a long day in the hospital.

At their latest baking session, they made lemon funfetti cookies, peanut butter cup-stuffed brookies and peanut butter-chip chocolate cookies. Thank you, Ann Claire and Martha!

If you would like to volunteer in our kitchen making treats, ready-to-freeze casseroles or a fresh meal, get started on our group volunteer page under the “Provide a Meal” section.