Meet the RMHCA 2017 Kitchen Queen

Each year, volunteers help make Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama a home for families by providing meals, hosting family activities, cleaning, help and special events and much more. RMHCA would not be the amazing place it it without volunteers and we thank each and every one for their hard work! We honored some of our most outstanding volunteers Thursday, April 20. This is one of their stories.

RMHCA is excited to announce a new award this year: The Kitchen King/Queen Award. Since one of our roles is Kitchen Coordinator, we wanted to highlight one of these volunteers for their work in helping keep our kitchen neat and orderly.

Kelly Hyndman has been volunteering bi-weekly for the past two years. She assists with preparing and setting out meals when the meal group is not present, cleaning the kitchen, storing leftovers, and more.

Kelly says these jobs may seem simple but she has seen the big, positive impact it has on the families at RMHCA.

“Simple little things like making sure the coffee station is cleaned and refilled for breakfast makes it one less thing the families need to figure out and allows them to focus on the health and care of their child,” Kelly said. ” The families are always so appreciative and thankful that we provide dinner.”

Kelly says when she first came to Birmingham, she drove by RMHCA each day on the way to work. She says she wanted to feel connected to the community and decided to become a volunteer.

“I went to RMHCA orientation and felt this was a great volunteer opportunity that I could easily incorporate into my weekly routine.  I have enjoyed being part of the RMHCA family ever since,” she said.

Kelly does so much to help keep our kitchen a beautiful space for our families to gather and enjoy. Thank you, Kelly!

Click here to learn more about volunteering at RMHCA.