Meet the RMHCA 2017 Events Enthusiast

Each year, volunteers help make Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama a home for families by providing meals, hosting family activities, cleaning, help and special events and much more. RMHCA would not be the amazing place it it without volunteers and we thank each and every one for their hard work! We honored some of our most outstanding volunteers Thursday, April 20. This is one of their stories.

The success of our events would not be possible without volunteers so we wanted to highlight an Events Enthusiast who has put in several hours of hard work at our events.

According to our Volunteer Coordinator, this year’s recipient, Allyson Harris, is always the first to respond to event recruitment emails. Her willingness to help out at all of our events and provide feedback and ideas is what helps us continue to improve the volunteer program at each of our events.

Not only has Allyson herself volunteered at countless RMHCA events, she has recruited her family, friend and coworkers. Without her help advertising through her workplace, this past year’s Heart of the House Gala would not have been as successful as it was.

Allyson says one of the many reasons she enjoys volunteering with RMHCA is the love she feels every time she’s at the House.

Thank you for all that you do, Allyson!

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