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Meet a Volunteer: Valerie

A woman smiles at the camera, wearing a red t-shirt with the word volunteer printed on the front

Meet Valerie, who helps serve our guest families as a Guest Services volunteer! When she joined the RMHCA volunteer team last September, Valerie was eager to make an impact.

She quickly found her niche as a Guest Services volunteer, where she greets guest families, assembles paperwork, and performs other administrative tasks to support the mission.

Valerie’s efforts make an impact on staff as well as families.

“She always gets the job done!” says Family Care Specialist Bre.

With her hard-working and positive attitude, Valerie helps Bre and other staff stay on top of routine tasks in order to give guest families the best experience at RMHCA possible.

“Valerie is such an enthusiastic and efficient helper! I always look forward to seeing her and working together each week,” Family Care Specialist Felecia adds.

During her time with RMHCA, Valerie says what stands out the most to her is the social support families offer each other.

“When one mom of preemie twins was checking out to take the long drive home, she insisted on stopping to talk with a new preemie mom who was checking in at the same time,” Valerie says of the instant bond she saw between the two mothers. “It was amazing to see the twins’ mom impart all her wisdom of their shared experience to a total stranger, and to see the relief on the new mom’s face that someone else understood and wanted to help.”

RMHC of Alabama is grateful to Valerie and every volunteer who gives so generously of their time and talents. If you would like to volunteer, click or tap the button at the top of this post!