Marietta’s Story: A new look on life!

A mom and dad hold their baby

Marietta Cast was born in November 2023, a healthy 8 pounds and 9 ounces but that’s not her biggest accomplishment so far!

Marietta is the fourth generation in her family to be born with an ocular condition that causes cataracts at birth. Because of this, she couldn’t see colors or shapes, just light and dark.

The day before she turned 6 weeks old, doctors performed a surgery to remove the cataracts! Now, Marietta can see shapes and literally has a new look on life!

Her dad, Jeremy, was also born with this condition and is considered legally blind. He and his wife Breanna all travel together from Boaz to Birmingham for Eloise’s life-changing care.

“We get great comfort staying at the Ronald McDonald House because it’s so easy to get to doctor appointments,” Jeremy and Breanna say. “Traveling can make us anxious, coming from a small town. We feel at home here thanks to the friendly staff, meals and snacks, and quiet room.”

Thank you for supporting RMHCA so we can help provide a safe, comfortable place for families like the Casts!

A baby with a pink bow