Lily’s Story

A teenager stands in front of the Ronald McDonald HouseMeet Lily! She recently received a life-saving liver transplant and her mom credits their stay at the Ronald McDonald House for Lily’s amazing recovery. Gina was kind enough to send us this lovely note:

“Lily is immune-suppressed after her transplant, and staying in a self-contained guest suite has allowed us as a family to relax, laugh and dine together. Staying at the Ronald McDonald House has allowed Lily to adapt and recover, and I’m able to homeschool her and my other daughter so they can stay on track with her education.

When we arrived here, Lily had to use a wheelchair. Late at night, she and I have been making laps in the big dining room, reaching bigger and bigger goals. The music that plays over the sound system in the dining room was an unexpected surprise and kept us both motivated. After a few weeks, she is walking on her own again! You mean so much to us in giving us this time together as Lily heals. We are so grateful!”

Our specialized, extended stay suites like the one Lily recuperated in include multiple private bedrooms, a small kitchenette and a cozy living room. These features allow for patients like Lily to thrive with the presence of their families.