Let’s #FilltheMap – Red Shoe Run News

Fill the MapWe want the ENTIRE country to know about Red Shoe Run! Can you help us? This week, let’s get a donation from each state! How?

  • Think about who you know in different states. Ask them personally to donate to your Red Shoe Run page.
  • Challenge your social media followers to help you fill the map. Don’t forget to share your personal fundraising link!
  • The Power of 10: Ask 10 people from 10 different states to donate $10! You’ll have $100 collected in no time.
  • Do you have avid football fan friends in other states? Ask them to donate in honor of their home team! Be sure to tell them there’s a spot to yell it loud and proud on your donation page 🙂

Stay tuned to our Facebook page event page (Red Shoe Run and Fundraising Fun) to watch as donations come in and we fill in the entire country!