I’m Between the Ages of 55 and 69

Retirement is just around the corner—or here!  Take steps now to make sure you can thoroughly enjoy the extra time you’ll have to travel and spend time with your children and grandchildren. After setting up a will you’ll want to consider these options.

First Consideration: Aggressive saving

You’re probably in your peak earning years, so put away as much as possible as often as you can. And be sure to take advantage of so-called “catch-up” clauses that allow you to increase contributions to retirement plans.

  • Look at your current spending and estimate whether your retirement needs will be met by income from Social Security, savings and withdrawals from your retirement plan.
  • Shift to a more conservative investment strategy as retirement nears.
  • Consult with a financial planner at least five years before you retire to make sure you are on a sound financial track.
  • Consider long-term care insurance.
  • Contact for help evaluating strategies for charitable giving that will benefit you, your heirs and our mission.

Second Consideration: Fine-tune your estate plans

When changes occur in your life, remember to update your estate plans for assets not controlled by your will. For example, you may need to change beneficiary designations on your retirement plan assets or life insurance policies.

How to update your will and trust

Step 1: Get a copy of your current will and trust.
Step 2: Mark the areas you’d like to change.
Step 3: Meet with your estate planning attorney to draft and prepare your new documents.
Step 4: Consider discussing changes with us if they may affect .