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Kiwanis Club of Dothan Pancake Breakfast covers 75 nights

Kiwanis Club of Dothan

RMHC of Alabama is feeling grateful for the Kiwanis Club of Dothan, who recently raised $9,336 to help keep families together and near the medical care their child needs.

For 52 years, the Kiwanis Club of Dothan has hosted a wonderful Pancake Breakfast fundraiser to help Alabama nonprofits and worthy causes.

This year, they took it over the top with the help of south Alabama McDonald’s owner/operator, Murphy Family Restaurants (MFD).

MFD generously donated the pancake breakfast so the Kiwanis Club members could focus on fundraising for good. The breakfast included pancakes, hash browns, sausage and medium beverage. Yum!

A plate of pancakes with sausage, hash browns and a cup of coffee

The partnership with Kiwanis Club of Dothan is just one of the many ways the Murphy family supports the RMHC of Alabama mission.

The McDonald’s near Eastdale Mall in Montgomery is the location of one of our annual Pop Tab Party drop offs and the crew is so welcoming to all of our pop tab schools and supporters. MFD also donates one penny for each Happy Meal sold, and one penny per pound of fries sold at their restaurants.

And if you’ve bought a National Peanut Festival MegaPass at McDonald’s in the last five years, you’ve also helped support our mission!

Two women pose at a McDonald's

This latest donation will help RMHC of Alabama keep our services free to the guest families we serve by covering the cost of 75 nights. These nights of comfort and care may happen at our Ronald McDonald House or at our Ronald McDonald Family Room at UAB Women & Infants Center.

Last year, we served approximately 3,000 individuals, parents and children, through our programs. Just one block from Children’s of Alabama and UAB Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House can host up to 73 guest families. Within its walls, families have access to meals and snacks, as well as a community of support.

A mother and daughter sit together on a bench

The Ronald McDonald Family Room offers NICU parents a respite space to eat, relax and even wash clothes. Three sleeping rooms and 3 full bathrooms with showers allow parents the space and time to get the rest and self-care they need to be at their best for baby.

Mike and Sarah take a break in the Ronald McDonald Family Room at UAB

We are so grateful to the Kiwanis Club of Dothan and Murphy Family Restaurants for providing 75 nights for guest families!

Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser for our mission? It’s so easy to match your hobbies or passions with a fundraiser for RMHC of Alabama. Learn more on our Host a Fundraiser page!