Our mission at RMHCA is simple: to keep families together when they have to travel hours from home, seeking the best medical care for their child. Our Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms® allow parents to spend time with their children and keep the bonds of family strong during a stressful time.

The Moores are one such family. Trenton, dubbed Mr. Social, has cerebral palsy and came to Birmingham last year for what his family hoped would be a life-changing surgery.

“Before we got here, Trenton didn’t realize he had the possibility of walking,” Melinda Dooley, his grandmother, said.

But Trenton’s future was open to a new path because of his family’s determination and the Ronald McDonald House.

“Caring for Trenton wouldn’t have been possible if we’d had to stay at a hotel,” his grandfather, Vince Dooley, said. There are a lot of things that the Ronald McDonald House has afforded us to be able to do because our finances are better spent on things we need for Trenton.”

The Ronald McDonald House doesn’t just save families travel and lodging expenses. It’s a comforting environment where they can be supported and encouraged.

There’s always hope. But before the Ronald McDonald House it was more like feeling helpless. You just hope for the best and we’ve had a better outcome than I could ever hope for,” Vince said.

Watch Trenton and his family at the House! Visit our YouTube Channel to watch this video with Audio Descriptions.