Vanessa, Christian and Chris feel at home at the Ronald McDonald House.

Vanessa, Christian and Chris feel at home at the Ronald McDonald House.

Our mission at RMHCA is simple: to keep families together when they have to travel hours from home, seeking the best medical care for their child.

One of those families is the Leveretts. Vanessa and Chris received a huge blow earlier this year when their 6-year-old son, Christian, was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL, which is a rare form of pediatric ALL.

Christian started treatment right away in his hometown of Mobile, but his doctors weren’t pleased with how he was responding to treatment. So they transferred him to Children’s of Alabama, 3 hours away from home.

“If we had to just purchase food every day, we’d be out at least $100, and then you add the hotel costs. There was no way we could afford it. It’s a huge financial burden the supporters of Ronald McDonald House are lifting,” Chris explains.

The Leveretts are staying positive, but the reality of being away from home can be devastating for a family.

“We know the Ronald McDonald House will make us feel like we’re home,” Chris says.

“It’s been a relief staying at the Ronald McDonald House,” Vanessa said. “If your child is sick and you don’t have the funds to stay elsewhere, the best place to be is the Ronald McDonald House. They have the best meals, the best people you’ve ever met. They make sure you’re safe, that you eat, that your family is good.”

Much like your own home, we want our Ronald McDonald House and Family Rooms to be filled with love, laughter and hope. We need your financial support to make this happen.

All of us at the Ronald McDonald House are grateful for your support because you have the power to give a child the best gift of all—family.  Please make your gift today by filling out the form below.
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