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Kaden’s Story

A 5-year-old boy shows off his favorite wrestling figurines.

One night can change a life at the Ronald McDonald House. Being in a homey atmosphere with a private room and places to play don’t seem miraculous, but for many families, it’s a game changer.

“I’m thankful for being at the Ronald McDonald House, has kept Kaden sane during all of this,” Natasha, his mom, says. “He was stuck in a hospital room for 32 days after his bone marrow transplant. Now he’s here and he can play, go outside, and interact with other people.”

Kaden, 5, has received treatment for MSD7, a form of leukemia, since he was 2-years-old. In spring 2022, he received his bone marrow transplant from one of his sisters. Only about 30% of bone marrow transplant patients get matched to a relative that can donate to them.

“He’s done his chemo too and bounced back from all of it,” Natasha says. “It has been a journey!”

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“He and I both know the Ronald McDonald House isn’t home but it gives me a homey feeling,” Natasha says. “I can cook for Kaden in the kitchen and sit and watch TV in our room.”

Being at the hospital, Natasha says the focus is obviously on medical care. For a 5-year-old like Kaden, the many requirements to get better can be overwhelming and hard to process. Because supporters like you help keep our doors open, Natasha has seen Kaden regain his sense of self and freedom at the Ronald McDonald House.

“This place is comforting to him because he’s not hooked up to anything. He knows he can move around freely without having to worry about what will happen. I didn’t understand that he needed it so much but seeing him be able to play in the play room, to see him flourish and smile, I see it now,” Natasha says.

One night at the Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room can make all the difference for a guest family who is stressed and in need of the comforts of home. Help us continue providing our services, at no cost to families, by donating a night’s stay today!

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