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Jordan’s Story


Children Like Jordan Need You

At 39.6 weeks gestation Jordan was delivered via C-Section for breech birth and multiple congenital anomalies.  He has sacral agenesis, a disorder in which there is abnormal fetal development and absence of the lumbar spine.  This simply means that the lower section of his spinal column has failed to form.  His legs will not grow and develop with his body making them useless and possibly amputated.   Once these defects were discovered in an ultrasound the parents were given an option to terminate the pregnancy.  At the age of 19 Jordan’s mom Samantha  and his 22 year old dad Charles were faced with one of life’s most difficult decisions.  After all, his prognosis was not promising.  What will his quality of life be like?  How will he get around? How will we pay the medical bills? Where will we stay while in the hospital? What is a parent to do?

“My baby has a brain to think, he has eyes to see, he has ears to hear, he has a nose to smell, he has a mouth to smile speak and eat, he has arms to hug with, and  he has a heart to love life in spite of his challenges.  The only thing that my baby doesn’t have that other babies do are legs to walk with.  I’m going to take my chances with Jordan.  As difficult as it may be we are going to do this and we are going to do it together!”

Samantha, Jordan’s mom

In the midst of receiving all of this devastating news, the parents never thought about themselves.  They needed to be close to the hospital just in case Jordan got worse.  They needed a comfortable place to sleep so they could give Jordan and his medical team their undivided attention.  They have a long road ahead and they anticipate many appointments on their mission to enhance Jordan’s quality of life.  According to mom, none of this would be possible without the support of the staff, volunteers, and families that share similar struggles all in the confines of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama.

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