“If it weren’t for RMH…”

House from Children'sKristen Stewart stayed here at the Ronald McDonald  House for three weeks with her grandparents, Theresa and George Williams, from Summerdale. Kristen is a very smart and grown up girl for a seven-year-old. She enjoyed making friends and playing with kids going through similar therapy here in Birmingham. To regular kids, they are handicapped but to each other, they are normal. The smiles on their faces are precious.

Like most of the children at RMHCA, Kristen is a miracle child. She was told she wasn’t going to be able to walk. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Kristen has grown up with very tight muscles in her lower back which caused her to walk around bent over. She underwent a Rhizotomy in her back, which cut off some of the sensory nerve fibers leading from the muscles to the spine to loosen her back. She was able to stand straight with the help of a walker and gained muscle every day through therapy.

Theresa and George are very grateful for a safe and convenient place to stay. They enjoyed the nightly meals donated to RMH. “If it weren’t for RMH, we would have had to borrow money to come up here for the therapy Kristen needed,” George said. They enjoyed getting to talk to the other parents around the house who are going through very similar situations.

Magic Moments sent little Kristen and her cousin on a Disney Vacation with her grandparents for her 8th Birthday. Kristen’s favorite part was seeing Mickey Mouse.

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