How to Set Up Your #RSR16 Team!

Logo 2016 NEWReady to Set Up Your Team??

  1. Awesome! You have decided to start a #RSR16 Team — we are so excited!
    You can do this with your group of friends, family members, co-workers, church group, etc. Go ahead and decide if you are going to create this team in honor or in memory of someone you love or as just a fun way to get involved. Be thinking of a fun name for your team as well!
  2. Go to and click on the red “Register Here” button on the left.
  3. Read through the Waiver and click “I agree” (if you do agree, of course).
  4. Select the first option “Start a Team.” Note the individual that starts the team is the team captain.
  5. Now you will give your team a name, set a fundraising goal and a recruiting goal.
    Please keep in mind that while we would love for you to fund raise for RMHCA through Red Shoe Run — you are not required to raise anything — we would love to have you run the race and/or fund raise — it is up to you.
  6. Set up an account. Remember to write down your username and password so you don’t forget it!
    Note: If you ran in the Red Shoe Run in 2015, click on the “click here” link at the top.
  7. Fill out your personal information — select which style and sleeve length you would like your t shirt to be. (SURPRISE as a team captain you get an additional shirt — we will use this size for that shirt as well).
  8. Select which race you would like to run. Keep in mind, you can select “sleep in” and just help us raise awareness and funds, you do not have to be there on the day of the event, but we would love for you to be there!
    *This is a great option for families who have been affected by RMHCA and are not be able to travel to Birmingham on the day of Red Shoe Run, but want to participate in some way.
  9. Fill in the payment information and hit “submit.”
  10. CONGRATS! You’ve started your team. 

Okay, your team is set up — now what??

  1. From “My HQ” go to “My Webpage.”
    This is where you will set up YOUR page as well as your TEAM page. Note “personal page” and “team page” under the red buttons. You can upload your own images, fill out the text and share your story including if your team is running and fundraising in honor or memory of someone.
    *This is a great way for families affected by RMHCA to share their experience at the House.
  2. Share your team to get others to join!
    You can get others to sign up for your team by using the “Email” tool, sharing through your social media channels and just simply by asking and telling everyone you know. Make sure to tell them your team name so they can join your team. They do not have to run or even be in Birmingham on race day.
  3. Share your team to raise funds!
    People can give to your team without registering for the race — this is when you would utilize your “team page.” Share it with everyone you know and see how many families you can keep close (remember it costs $75/night for RMHCA to house a family).

Interested in signing up as an individual?

Go to and click “Register Here” — you can choose to register as an individual or join a team. If you click “Join a Team” a dropdown will appear with the registered team names and then you will follow the same steps as above.

Thank you for going the distance so a family doesn’t have to!