Beltline McDonald's in Decatur

Our mission partner, McDonald’s, helps support RMHCA year-round through ongoing fundraisers and special events. Learn more about how you are an important part of these fundraisers!

Round-up for RMHC and the Donation Box Program

All it takes to help families stay close when they need it most is: your change.

In 2023, the Round-Up for RMHC program raised $1.3 million in Alabama! That’s equal to 10,400 nights of comfort and care at the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room at UAB Women & Infants Center. The Donation Box program raises tens of thousands more.

Customer Generosity

Every time you visit McDonald’s for a treat, ask your cashier to round your total up to the nearest dollar! Your spare change could help us raise even more in 2024.

Crew Challenge: Accepted

Each month, McDonald’s crews set a goal for Round-Up for RMHC fundraising. RMHCA is honored and grateful to recognize the stores who meet their goals and help keep guest families together when their child is sick or injured.

RMHCA would like to congratulate the McDonald’s crews and customers for their amazing achievementin 2023! By working together, crew and customers raised $1,305,395 in 2023. Thank you all!

So far in 2024, you have helped raise $555,378 through Round-Up for RMHC! We are pleased to share your progress with you mid-month for the previous month. Keep checking back to see if your community made the Top 5 for the current period!

Top 5 Locations (April 2024)

Oxford – $5,686.49

Chelsea – $3,828.75

Andalusia – $3,712.46

Roanoke – $3,399.90

Dothan (West Main St.) – $3,308.84

Iconic red and yellow Happy Meal boxHappy Meals and French Fries

Local McDonald’s Owner/Operators are committed to supporting our mission through the Penny per Happy Meal and Penny Per Pound of Fries fundraiser.

It may not seem like much, but your dinner choice can make a huge difference for our families. Each one of those pennies add up!

In 2022, Happy Meal proceeds raised $98,342 and French Fry proceeds raised $150,590!


Day of Change – Celebrating the McDonald’s and RMHC Partnership

Every October, RMHC of Alabama celebrates the major impact McDonald’s crew and customers make for our guest families through the Round-Up for RMHC and Donation Box programs.