Marianne Sharbel Legacy Society 

Our mission partner, McDonald’s, helps support RMHCA year-round through ongoing fundraisers and special events.

McDonalds Fundraisers

Donation Boxes and Round-up for RMHC

You may think, “It’s just one penny.” Or, “I’m just one person.” But one penny, one dime, one quarter can add up to so much more if every one of us donates. One penny can change the life of one child, one family, one community.

And it all starts with one person – YOU.

The RMHC Donation Boxes are one of our biggest ongoing fundraisers. And your spare change – no matter the amount – can help create big change for families and children in your community, because all of the money collected stays right here in Alabama.

If every Alabama McDonald’s customer contributed one penny to the Donation Box at each visit, we would raise $44o,ooo to help families in need here at the Birmingham Ronald McDonald House each year!

A full Donation Box could let a family stay together at a Ronald McDonald House for up to 2 nights while their child receives care at a nearby Children’s of Alabama or UAB.

McDonald's Kiosk screen for Round-up for RMHCAs of summer 2019, there’s an additional way for McDonald’s customers to Round-up for RMHC! You can round-up your transaction to the nearest dollar at participating McDonald’s and the difference will be donated to RMHCA! You can Round-up for RMHC at the kiosk or by asking a crew member when you make your transaction at the counter or drive-thru.

You can find your exact donation amount right on your receipt!








Alumni Family supporting RMHCA with Happy MealHappy Meals

With every Happy Meal sold at McDonald’s restaurant, a penny is donated to the local RMHC to help sick children heal with their families by their side. It may not seem like much, but your dinner choice can make a huge difference for our families. Each one of those pennies add up!

Your support of your local McDonald’s also means support of your local Ronald McDonald House and we are very thankful for all of your support!






Examples of the McDonald's National Fundraiser for RMHC tear padsMcDonald’s National Fundraiser

During the holiday season, our Mission Partner McDonald’s kicks off their National Fundraiser campaign! You can show your support for our Chapter and the 73 families we serve by visiting a participating McDonald’s restaurant during the promotion and purchase a $1, $3 or $5 tear sheet. You’ll be playing an important role in helping to strengthen families with critically-ill children right in your community.

Fundraisers from partners like McDonald’s ensure our Chapter is able to provide the stability and vital resources needed to help sick children and their families heal and cope together. By supporting RMHC programs, like the Ronald McDonald House, you’re helping our families stay focused on what matters most: their sick child.

Day of Change logo

Day of Change

RMHC Day of Change is no ordinary day. It is the day when the entire RMHC global organization commemorates the opening of the very first Ronald McDonald House. To celebrate, we rally around Donation Boxes for our Day of Change each fall to ensure that we continue to keep families close when their child needs to heal.

What does that mean for you? You know those pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters in couch cushions and under

the seats in the car? Put them to good use. Celebrate the RMHC Day of Change #forRMHC families at participating McDonald’s. Your spare change can make a big difference.