Our mission partner, McDonald’s, helps support RMHCA year-round through ongoing fundraisers and special events.

Round-up for RMHC and the Donation Box Program

All it takes to help families stay close when they need it most is: your change.

In 2021, the Round-Up for RMHC program raised approximately $350,000 in Alabama. The Donation Box program raises tens of thousands more.

Every time you visit McDonald’s for a treat, ask your cashier to round your total up to the nearest dollar! Your spare change could help us raise even more in 2022!

Thank you to our May Round-Up for RMHC Challenge winners! These stores raised more than $500 in the month of May. Their leadership in sharing the Round-Up program with customers is a huge part of what makes it a success.

Top 3 stores raised $13,618.91

Store Address


May Total

1015 Highway 21 S



5550 McClellan Blvd.



3424 Green Brier Dear Dr.



Next 12 stores raised  $15,177.78

4625 Hwy 280 S



707 Montgomery Hwy

Vestavia Hills


1901 Quintard Ave



16758 Hwy 280



861 Hwy 431 S



64 E Pike Road



22943 John T. Reid Pkwy



7210 Wyndham Pkwy



218 Gadsden Hwy



2640 Valleydale Road



652 Boll Weevil NO



101 Enterprise Drive



Alumni Family supporting RMHCA with Happy MealHappy Meals

With every Happy Meal sold at McDonald’s restaurant, a penny is donated to the local RMHC to help sick children heal with their families by their side. It may not seem like much, but your dinner choice can make a huge difference for our families. Each one of those pennies add up!

Your support of your local McDonald’s also means support of your local Ronald McDonald House and we are very thankful for all of your support!


Day of Change logo

Day of Change

RMHC Day of Change is no ordinary day. It is the day when the entire RMHC global organization commemorates the opening of the very first Ronald McDonald House. To celebrate, we rally around Donation Boxes for our Day of Change each fall to ensure that we continue to keep families close when their child needs to heal.

What does that mean for you? You know those pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters in couch cushions and under

the seats in the car? Put them to good use. Celebrate the RMHC Day of Change #forRMHC families at participating McDonald’s. Your spare change can make a big difference.