Keeping Families Close™. One tag at a time.

Before you renew your vehicle, please consider sporting the RMHCA specialty car tag! We are also happy to announce RMHCA motorcycle car tags are also available!

A former guest family shows off their RMHCA specialty car tag. Source: Victor Clements

It’s a great way to show your support for RMHCA and spread word of our mission to everyone on the road.

The RMHCA car tag costs $50, but $41.25 of that money will come back to the House.

That $41.25 from each tag adds up! In 2016, supporters raised approximately $20,000 for RMHCA just by purchasing our car tag!

Questions? Contact Stephanie at or (205) 638-7261.

We’d love for you to share pictures of you with your tag and use the hashtag #drive4RMHCA

We Hope This Becomes Your Tag Of Choice Throughout The Coming Years.GET ONE-01