Help parents of NICU infants by donating snacks!

It’s important for parents of NICU infants to take care of themselves too, so they can be at their best for their child and keep up with their current medical plan.

One of RMHC of Alabama’s programs that helps NICU families is the Ronald McDonald Family Room at UAB Women & Infants Center.

This space, which is located within the Regional NICU, offers a quiet, oasis of calm for NICU parents when they need to take a break, get some work done, eat, and so much more.

Making a monetary gift or donating snacks to the Ronald McDonald Family Room are the best ways to offer them much-needed support!

Snacks and other Wish List items can be donated any time, by anyone. Just peek at our Wish List page for more details.

If your group is interested in making snack donations a regular activity, consider “adopting” a month of snacks for the Ronald McDonald Family Room!

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Email Lisa VanZandt, the Ronald McDonald Family Room Director and let her know which month you’d like to adopt
  2. In the weeks before the month you’ve chosen, ask your friends, family, coworkers or faith group to donate snacks
  3. Coordinate with Lisa to deliver your snacks

What type of snacks to donate Any individually-wrapped, non-refrigerated snacks such as:

  1. Jell-O and fruit cups
  2. Granola, protein or other snack bars
  3. Cookies and snack cakes
  4. Rice Krispie treats
  5. Trail mix, crackers, chips, Cheez-It style snacks

The Ronald McDonald Family Room offers a common space to connect with other parents, relax with a book, watch TV or do laundry. There are also three sleep rooms and full bathrooms where parents can get some rest and refresh.

Since its opening in 2018, it has provided:

66,000 visits to relax, join arts and crafts or to grab a snack

2,200 room nights so parents can be steps from their infant

3,500 babies had their parents by their side

Thank you for supporting sick children and their families!