Greyson’s Story

Jasmine holds her son, GreysonFor the Caldwells, it’s been an ongoing set of unexpected circumstances for their family since Greyson’s birth.

Doctors diagnosed him with 5p- Syndrome, also known as Cri Du Chat, a condition resulting in the duplication of the 5p chromosome and XXsry. This means his Y chromosome is located on his 5th chromosome

His diagnosis continues to become more complicated. Greyson also has VDS, which will require heart surgery. He has club feet and a colonoscopy bag and will be on a ventilator to help support his lungs until he can have heart surgery.

It’s an unimaginable trauma for those who haven’t had similar experiences, but one place Greyson’s family has come to find a little comfort is at RMHCA. Currently, Greyson’s mother, Jasmine Caldwell and her mother Janelle Grace are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

“The Ronald McDonald House helps us a lot, because we have a comfortable place to sleep…to take a break from everything going on and meet other families. It makes a big difference to connect with families and people who know what you’re going through,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine said everyone’s encouragements are helpful. However, being surrounded by families who are or have gone through similar experiences is extremely supportive. She’s able to receive advice from those close to the intense situation.

The physical elements offered at RMHCA make a huge impact on the Caldwells as well. Things we take for granted—a comfy bed, warm shower and home-cooked meals every night—become increasingly important during this time.

“Having a fresh shower and a comfortable place to sleep allows us to bring positive energy to Greyson,” Jasmine says.

This is the energy they normally wouldn’t have access to if they were cramped in a hospital room. In an unexpected time, the Caldwells have come to expect love, warmth and support at RMHCA.

This story originally appeared in Bham Now in February 2021.