Giving the Livingston family relief

Baby with oxygen canula

Jacob and Ashleigh Livingston have called the Ronald McDonald House their home for the last 82 nights, following the premature birth of their daughter, Harper.

Harper made her entrance at just 23 weeks gestation which is stressful for any family. Added to this ever-changing situation, her parents found themselves 2 hours away from home and their support network in New Market, Alabama, which is close to the Alabama-Tennessee border.

Ashleigh and Jacob Livingston walk through the door

Thankfully, your ongoing support of our mission meant relief for Ashleigh and Jacob.

“Being able to have a home away from home across the street from Harper took a huge load of us,” the Livingstons say.

After our staff welcomed the couple into our House, they could get rest in their own guest room; do laundry down the hall; and be nourished by volunteer-provided meals.

“If it weren’t for this stay, we would have to drive 2 hours from home to Birmingham and then two hours back every time we visit Harper,” they say.

The Ronald McDonald House saves families like the Livingstons time, stress and money because they don’t have to commute to the hospital or struggle to find a room. This wouldn’t be possible without YOU and your commitment to keeping families with sick children together.

RMHCA’s services are even more critical in the time of COVID-19 to protect families and their medically vulnerable children. Our operational staff takes great lengths each day to keep common areas clean.Baby hooked up to monitors

“We just want to say thank you to the staff for being kind and generous, always caring about how Harper is doing. We also want to say thank you to the donors for giving us this home away from home!”

Thank you for helping families like Harper, Ashleigh and Jacob. If you haven’t made a donation yet to support our mission, please click the donate button above.

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