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Featured Fundraiser: Team Mollie Squared

Mollies playing games at the House.

Mollies playing games at the House.

If you spend any time around the House or follow us on social media, you’ve seen the Mollies!

Mollie Beth Preston and Mollie Ann Ford have been friends for about a year now and met by chance in the House’s dining room.

“We kept hearing someone calling “Mollie” but I figured they were saying Holly,” Jessica Preston said.  “Mollie B. went and asked and they were saying Mollie! The Hand in Paw therapy teams were there that night so we ended up talking to the Fords more.”

“They became fast friends and were inseparable,” Amy Ford, Mollie A.’s mom, said.

At the time, Mollie A. was recovering after having her right kidney removed and was going through radiation treatments. Mollie B. was undergoing infusion treatments to treat two autoimmune diseases. This meant many days, sometimes weeks, spent at RMHCA but it didn’t mean the families had to be alone.

“It gave my husband and myself a support system,” Amy said. “And it gave Mollie Ann a place where she felt safe and normal.”

The Mollies at RMHCA.

The Mollies at RMHCA.

“It’s important to me because it’s like coming home to family. Mollie B. loves to come visit her friends. It has helped because I have so many families that understand. Since we can stay before and after treatment, it helps Mollie B. stay calm,” Jessica said.

The Mollies at Red Shoe Run 2017.

The Mollies at Red Shoe Run 2017.

The families say they love any chance to be together so forming a Red Shoe Run team was a natural step.

“The Mollies are a force of nature apart, and are unstoppable together,” Amy said. “We wanted the team to reflect that.”

The moms says sharing their stories is the first way they get people involved and understand the mission of RMHCA. Amy takes it a step further and poses a question many parents never consider: How would you cope being away from home with a critically ill child?

Jessica echoes that sentiment.

“We are blessed to have RMHCA. You never know when you or someone you know might need it,” Jessica said.

Of course, we had to ask the girls why they’re excited about Red Shoe Run!

The Mollies share a hug at the 2017 University of Alabama Dance Marathon.

The Mollies share a hug at the 2017 University of Alabama Dance Marathon.

“We can raise more money so there are more rooms and things to do at the

The Mollies pose for a photo.

The Mollies share a laugh.

Ronald McDonald House. Also I get more time to spend with my friend Mollie A,” Mollie B. said.

“Because Mollie Beth is my BEST FRIEND!” Mollie A. said.

We hope you are just as excited about the Red Shoe Run. It’s a great way to challenge yourself in the new year and help families right in Alabama.

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