Family Story: Four hours from home, forever grateful

The following story was written by Stephanie Pickens about her family’s recent stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Pickens Family photo of mom and dad holding baby boy.

When we received the news that our son Asher would be transported to the UAB NICU, four hours away from home, we were overwhelmed and scared. We kept thinking, where would we stay for such an extended period of time? And how would we be able to afford it?

Our stay in Birmingham stretched to 3 months. I can’t even begin to tell you what a tremendous blessing it was to my family to have been able have stay at the Ronald McDonald House . The fact that the House was within walking distance from our son and the hospital made it a little easier to sleep at night.

The overwhelming kindness and generosity that was displayed to our family did not go unnoticed. During the course of our stay our son was having a rough couple weeks, and the staff told us that they were rooting for us and thinking of us and Asher. Our family will be forever grateful for the Ronald McDonald House Charities for playing such a vital role in helping our family during one of the toughest

times of our lives!

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Pickens Family photo of mom and dad holding baby boy.