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Co-workers are an excellent starting point for recruiting team members to join you in the Red Shoe Run.

Below are 10 tips to get you started:

  1. Start early. Begin recruiting as soon as you’ve registered your team online. The earlier you get co-workers involved, the sooner you can begin planning your team’s fundraising activities and building excitement.
  2. Speak at a company or team meeting.  Telling your story and asking others to join you in a group setting allows those touched by the House or what we do here to take the first step by indicating interest. It is often your story that motivates others to act.
  3. Post information in your work space and public places in the office. Make it easy for people to find you and identify you as the main contact. Place posters in the break room and bathroom stalls.  Be sure to leave a sign-up sheet in your work space in case you are not around.
  4. Include a blurb in your company newsletter.  Briefly share your connection to the cause, a current update about RMHCA, and a call to action such as ‘Join my team and help me keep families of medically fragile children together.’ Don’t forget to include our website — RedShoeRun-Bham.org!
  5. Ask your location manager or company CEO to send an email on your behalf. Craft an e-mail sharing the latest facts and figures on RMHCA from www.RMHCA.org.  Invite your co-workers to get involved by joining your team!  Ask you manager or CEO to send this e-mail expressing his/her excitement about seeing their team band together for such a great cause. If they have a personal connection to the cause, ask them to share.
  6. Offer incentives. Conduct a raffle or offer a small gift certificate to the first five people who join your team. This will encourage people to sign up quickly. Don’t forget RMHCA has team incentives too! Deadline to qualify for them is December 31st at noon.
  7. Get the word out.  Let your co-workers know you are looking for team members.  They may know someone in another department or building who would love to hear form you.
  8. Set up a table at lunch.  Choose a spot where you’ll get to meet people you don’t work with you every day. It’s a great opportunity to share your passion, answer questions and register co-workers on the spot. See if you can get a small treat donated to hand out and attract attention.
  9. Combine the Red Shoe Run with company fitness efforts. Red Shoe Run is an all-ages, all-abilities event.  Using January 23rd as a goal, invite co-workers to join your team and walk during breaks as a way to get excited about the actual event. Consider attaching a fundraising incentive to your efforts.  For example, ask other co-workers to make a donation for each mile you team walks during the year. Ask your manager to match it!
  10. Finally, make it fun! Excitement is contagious. Continuously update your co-workers on your efforts, success, fundraising and milestones reached.  They’ll see how committed you are, and want to be a part of the cause.