Red Shoe Run

Tips for Raising Money


Sometimes, raising money can be tough! Here are some tips and suggestions for you to use to help you get started!

1. Check if your employer has a matching gift program to match what you give or raise

2. Ask 10 friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members to each contribute $10.

3. Ask businesses you frequent to personally contribute $15 (hair salon, dry cleaner, favorite restaurant, etc.)

4. Hold a team fundraiser (bake sale, car wash, raffle, etc.)

5. A good way to kick-start your fundraising is to make a self-donation. Your commitment will inspire others to take action!

6. Share your passion! Your energy and enthusiasm will motivate your donors. Let them know that you are excited about RMHCA and that you want them to take action.

7. If you have experience with the Ronald McDonald House, the Ronald McDonald Family Room or the Red Shoe Run, share your story and make your ask for a donation personal.

8. Set your goal! Tell everyone what you want to raise and ask them to help you achieve it. Tell your donors that a donation in any amount will make a difference!

9. Sincere gratitude goes a long way. Thank your donors and then thank them again! Update them before and after the event to share your fundraising total and your personal success.

10. Personalize it! Typically, participants who customize their fundraising site with a personal story and photo raise more money than those who don’t.

11. Send an email, text or post on social media and tell friends and family that if they each donate $10, you will reach your fundraising goal. This specific ‘fundraising ask’ will encourage them to give!

12. Encourage co-workers to support you! Place a donation canister or Red Shoe Run poster at your desk, office or in the lunchroom so everyone has a chance to give.

13. Have incentives for giving! Raffle off a gift card to a favorite local restaurant, coffee shop or local attraction at your next work meeting or family gathering.