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Downtown After Sundown series helps drive donations for RMHCA

The band LANCO poses with a fan at their Downtown After Sundown concert.

The band LANCO poses with a fan at their Downtown After Sundown concert.

Turnout has been great at this year’s Downtown After Sundown free concert series, and that means great donations for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama.

Birmingham’s 104.7 WZZK radio station hosts the series with The Outlawyer and Rogue Tavern. It’s a fun event series that’s also a great opportunity for music fans to see up and coming acts as they grow into their careers. In fact, three Downtown After Sundown artists — Lauren Alaina (September 2017), Jon Pardi (May 2013) and Brett Young (November 2017) — are all 2017 Country Music Award nominees for Best New Artist of the Year!

WZZK staff are huge helpers for RMHCA by encouraging people to drop donations at the door to help fund RMHCA’s mission. So far this year, the WZZK staff has helped RMHCA raise more than $3,000! One concert this past summer netted $920 in donations alone.

Promotions manager Davey Allen says they are excited to help keep families together.

“All of us here at WZZK, whether we have young children or not, are a part of a family. We know how important it is to keep your family together when things get tough. The Ronald McDonald House is all about keeping families together and when kids are having to fight through tough treatments, the comfort of family being able to be so close can be an amazing thing,” Allen said.

Allen says that attendees are always happy to give.

“That’s the amazing thing about our listeners, we don’t have to say anything.  We have the big red RMHCA bucket and people always say that they know someone who has stayed at the House, they stayed at the House, or that it is awesome what the House does.  People know how important the Ronald McDonald House is and we are so glad to be able to help raise what we can to help anyone who needs the RMHCA.”

RMHCA is grateful for this partnership and for everyone who drops change for our mission when they attend Downtown After Sundown! Check our events calendar each month for details on the latest concert!