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D’Niah’s Family Story

Demarius, Commish and D'Niah. Source: Family photo

Demarius, Commish and D’Niah. Source: Family photo

Did you know? Globally, more than 40% of the families served at Ronald McDonald Houses have a child in the NICU. D’Niah is one of those sweet babies. We’re honored to share her family’s story, as written by her mother, Commish.

D'Niah shares a smile. Source: Family Photo

D’Niah shares a smile. Source: Family Photo

On Tuesday March 27, 2018 I went in for my routine check up only to find out that my placenta was only giving my baby girl partial nutrition. At 27 weeks I was admitted into Northport DCH hospital and would remain there until D’Niah was delivered. For 3 weeks they did test after test, and when the tests finally showed that she was stressed my doctor decided we couldn’t wait any longer. On April 11th D’Niah was born weighing 2 lbs 6 oz. She was about 2 months early.

Her fight really began after she was born but she improved more every day, eventually eating and breathing on her own. However, she became very sick.

On April 25 she developed a bowel infection commonly known as NEC. That day was very scary for us. Once we made it to Northport she was airlifted to Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham. It was at Children’s that we learned about the Ronald McDonald House. We were a little worried about getting a room and how much it might cost. Thankfully, we were able to get a room within two days and we were also relieved to find out that it didn’t cost us anything to stay but we could make a donation if we were able to.

On April 27 we started our journey at the Ronald McDonald House. All I could do was thank God to be surrounded by people with stories like ours. Being around people you can relate to doesn’t heal the wound, but it sure does patch it up pretty well. Because of the Ronald McDonald House we don’t have to worry about the 1 1/2 hour drive to and from home every day or worry about our next meal. My son, Cade, loves to be with us at all times and we’re so grateful that he can stay with us at the House. We’re still in Birmingham as D’Niah continues to progress and the Ronald McDonald House will forever be in our hearts.

Demarius Hollis and Cade Hollis enjoy the playground.

Demarius and Cade enjoy the playground.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about D’Niah and her family! Please consider giving your time as a volunteer or making a donation so we can continue helping 73 families each night stay close to their child in the hospital!

L-R: Commish and Demarius enjoy dinner together after visiting D'Niah.

L-R: Commish and Demarius enjoy dinner together after visiting D’Niah.