The Family Care Specialist assures continuity of House operations, safety, security and community/volunteer/guest relations during normal business hours, after-hours and weekend operations. This position also performs other assigned administrative or House-related services. Family Care Specialists are expected to have a working knowledge of RMHCA and its programs and to be able to clearly and positively represent the organization to guests, volunteers and visitors present during a shift. Family Care Specialists should be knowledgeable of and adhere to relevant RMHCA policies and procedures.

Reports to: Director of Operations

Status: Non-Exempt

Hours: Assigned shift

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Remains on site at all times
  • Answers/handles all incoming telephone calls and checks all office phones for messages routinely during the shift (i.e. hourly)
  • Leaves messages with appropriate staff members when needed
  • Completes required shift paperwork
  • Performs data entry, photocopying, storing of supplies, other clerical tasks, as needed
  • Maintains office environment in a tidy and clean manner
  • Distributes notices, new key cards and other guest supplies as appropriate
  • Completes Cash Log as well as individual guest donation records
  • Is proficient in any electronic registration and guest tracking systems


  • Is responsible for overseeing the ongoing operation, safety, security and cleanliness of the House during each shift
  • Responds to emergency calls after consulting with senior management, if needed
  • Walks through house at least once per shift and takes care of any minor problems
  • Deals with minor maintenance/cleaning issues (example: cleaning countertops, taking out trash, changing light bulbs) if other staff are not available
  • Deals with any cleaning issues due to room turnover if the cleaning staff are not available
  • Documents any unresolved cleaning or maintenance problems/needs, equipment failures, lights out, etc.
  • Is oriented to and able to operate various systems used in the building (fire alarms, check circuit breakers, etc.)
  • During rains, checks all areas for flooding and notifies management as appropriate
  • Assists with the delivery of donated meals/food and properly stores the meals/food at the appointed time
  • Completes the Occurrence/Issues Report when appropriate
  • Maintains the security of all entrances
  • In case of a weather emergency or in the case of any other emergency or problematic situation, contacts management and remains on duty. Is responsible for guest relations and House operations until management arrives or until dismissed.

Guest Services

  • Maintains and enforces House policies and procedures
  • Maintains daily guest waiting list and room log
  • Performs guest check-ins/outs
  • Monitors storm warnings and notifies guests to relocate as appropriate
  • Remains accessible by phone/pager during the entire shift

Volunteers/Donors/Community/External Relations

  • Manage volunteers and walk-in donors during shifts including:
  • Greets volunteers and assists with supplies, directions and questions.
  • Thanks volunteer groups
  • Greets and thanks all individuals donating items during shift, records donor data on specified form and provides information packets
  • May conduct House tours for service groups, volunteers, etc.
  • Takes photos of children or other House activities as needed

Other duties

  • Reports to work on time
  • Is available to work assigned shifts 24/7/365, including holidays and to cover other shifts when needed (sick, requests for time off, etc.)
  • If unable to report to work (late, sick etc), notifies the Director of Operations and on duty staff as soon as possible per procedures and attempts to arrange replacement coverage
  • Completes all required reports accurately and legibly
  • Hands off the house keys to the next shift
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications, skills and abilities required

  • High school graduate/some college preferred
  • Strong people and communications skills
  • At minimum, proficiency with word-processing. Basic spreadsheet software familiarity preferred
  • Prior administrative or public contact work or volunteer experience
  • Sound problem solving/decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of Spanish a plus

Other Requirements

  • Reads and acknowledges all memorandum and written communications relevant to position/RMHCA operations
  • Completes orientation, attends any required in-service training
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Complies with any immunization, health history or drug testing requirements established by management in accordance with health/safety policies
  • If requested, signs any releases required for initial/periodic employee background reviews
  • Complies with all RMHCA policies and procedures

This position description provides a general overview of the duties, responsibilities and work conditions of the position.  It does not constitute an employment contract and is subject to modification at the discretion of RMHCA management.

Interested parties should send a cover letter and resume to