Posted: January 4, 2019

The Family Care Specialist (FCS) is usually one of the first and last contacts for anyone staying at or visiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama, Inc. (RMHCA).  RMHCA includes operations of either the RMHCA Family Room at UAB Women and Infants’ Center (UABFR) or the House.  As such, the role is vital in setting and maintaining a positive experience for families and RMHCA visitors. The FCS is a most important ambassador for RMHCA and should be personable and caring in all interactions with guests, volunteers, donors, and visitors.


Reports to:  Director of Operations


Status:  Non-Exempt, Part-time (must use time clock on premises to track hours worked).  The FCS is assigned to House operations but may be cross-trained to supplement UABFR operations as determined by the Director of Operations and the Family Room Manager.


Hours:  Assigned shift, includes ½ hour unpaid lunch if shift permits

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

To provide outstanding customer service and care to all of the guests, volunteers, donors and visitors that come to RMHCA.

Contribute to RMHCA team efforts by maintaining positive, supportive and flexible working relationships with fellow staff and volunteers in our mutual pursuit of providing comfort and care to families of seriously ill or injured children being served by our facility.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Guest Services

  • Greets all House guests with a smile as they come and go
  • Assists guests with anything they may need during their stay or directs them to the appropriate person
  • Remains accessible to the guests during the entire shift
  • Performs guest check-ins/outs
  • Explains House policies and procedures, giving tours to new guests when possible
  • Maintains the manual daily waiting list and unoccupied room log


Volunteers/Donors/ Community/External Relations

  • Greets volunteers and assists with supplies, directions and questions. Thanks volunteer groups.
  • Greets and thanks all individuals donating items during shift, records donor data on specified form and provides information packets
  • Takes photos of guests or other House activities as needed



  • Remains on site at the front desk at all times
  • Monitors storm warnings and notifies guests to relocate as appropriate
  • Answers/handles all incoming telephone calls, checks office phone for messages routinely during the shift (i.e. hourly) and leaves messages with appropriate staff members when needed
  • Completes required shift paperwork
  • Performs data entry, photocopying, storing of supplies, other clerical tasks, as needed
  • With training, is proficient in any electronic registration and guest tracking systems



  • Maintains office environment in a tidy and clean manner
  • Is responsible for overseeing the ongoing operation, safety, security and cleanliness of the House during each shift. Responds to emergency calls after consulting with senior management, if needed
  • Walks through house at least once per shift and takes care of any minor problems
  • Deals with minor maintenance/cleaning issues (example: cleaning countertops, taking out trash, changing light bulbs) if other staff are not available
  • Documents any unresolved cleaning or maintenance problems/needs, equipment failures, lights out, etc.
  • Is oriented to and able to operate various systems used in the building (fire alarms, check circuit breakers, etc.) and documents issues as appropriate
  • Maintains the security of all entrances
  • In case of a weather emergency or in the case of any other emergency or problematic situation, contacts management and remains on duty. Is responsible for guest relations and House operations until management arrives or until dismissed.

Other duties

  • Reports to work on time
  • Is available to work assigned shifts 24/7/365, including holidays and to cover other shifts when needed (sick, requests for time off, etc.)
  • If unable to report to work (late, sick etc), notifies the Director of Operations and on duty staff as soon as possible per procedures and attempts to arrange replacement coverage
  • Other duties as assigned


Other Requirements

  • Reads and acknowledges all memorandum and written communications relevant to position/RMHCA operations. Complies with all RMHCA policies and procedures
  • Completes orientation, attends any required in-service training
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Complies with any immunization, health history or drug testing requirements established by management in accordance with health/safety policies
  • If requested, signs any releases required for initial/periodic employee background reviews
  • Is expected to have a working knowledge of RMHCA and its programs and to be able to clearly and positively represent the organization to guests, volunteers and visitors present during a shift. Family Care Specialists should be knowledgeable of and adhere to relevant RMHCA policies and procedures.


Qualifications, skills and abilities required:

  • High school graduate
  • Excellent people and communications skills
  • At minimum, proficiency with word-processing. Basic spreadsheet software familiarity preferred
  • Prior administrative or public contact work or volunteer experience
  • Sound problem solving/decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of Spanish a plus

How to Apply
Applicants should email their resume to Director of Operations Ms. Chris Ellis at