Charlie’s Story

Charlie was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He and his family stay at the Ronald McDonald House a total of 6 weeks each year. Their stay begins with a two hour drive (plus stops) from Millport, Ala., which is about 15 minutes from the Alabama/Mississippi border.

Your support of RMHC of Alabama helps the Cleghorns in so many ways when they’re in Birmingham for 3 weeks at a time. Instead of stressing about booking a hotel room, Charlie, Mom, Meleah, and little sister Evie can stay one block from the hospital at the Ronald McDonald House. Charlie’s dad, Terrance, usually sees them settled and then has to return to work.

Charlie, who is almost 5-years-old, is ready to have fun after hours of intense physical and occupational therapy each day. After coming “home,” he stops at the front desk so he can tell our staff about his day; and then he can let loose in one of many indoor play areas or, if the weather is fine, outside on the playground.

When it’s time for a pre-dinner nap, Mom, Charlie and Evie can crash in their private guest room. Dinner is served at 6 p.m. by volunteers, which means Meleah doesn’t have to meal plan, buy groceries or cook.