Armuni’s Story

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Three months ago, Destiny’s maternal instincts told her something was wrong when she went to wake her baby, Armuni, for her morning feeding.

“Armuni wouldn’t open her eyes and when she finally did, I panicked because it looked like her eyes were stuck, looking to the right side of her head. I immediately called her pediatrician,” Destiny says.

The minute she walked in with Armuni, her doctor told her something she didn’t expect.

“The doctor said, ‘Take her to the ER now. I notified them that you’re coming and they’re waiting on you out front,'” Destiny recalls.

At the ER, Destiny and David found out their baby girl had a massive brain tumor.

“We were rushed to Children’s by ambulance and we’ve been in Birmingham ever since,” Destiny says. “Our world was completely shattered.”

Armuni is fighting one of the most aggressive tumors known to doctors. Her medical team removed most of it over two surgeries but the remaining tumor has to be shrunk by chemotherapy because it’s too close to Armuni’s arteries.

Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House, Destiny and David have been by Armuni’s side the entire way.

“The Ronald McDonald House is a lifesaver. We feel as if we are home again and love is in the air, always. Having dinner provided is a big relief and being able to take my 3-year-old to the park for play and fresh air clears my mind. We have gained a family that we never knew we had,” Destiny says.

Please give today or volunteer to help families like Destiny and David stay by their child’s side.

infant girl lays on a hospital bed. She wears a white onesie with pink and orange flowers and a headband with a pink bow