60 rounds of treatment, 59 days away from home, one tough kid. Because of a community of supporters, Aaron’s family saved more than $21,000 and 480 hours during their stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Your gift today will provide the same life-changing savings and access to care for other families. Please make your best gift!

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About a month before I found out I had cancer, I knew something wasn’t right. My right hand (also my pitching hand) was twitching uncontrollably. After my MRI in Dothan, the doctor told me and my parents to “go home, pack a bag and head straight to Birmingham.” I had a tumor on my brain.

Teenager laying in hospital bed

I was diagnosed with stage 3 anaplastic astrocytoma. My treatment plan included a 14.5-hour surgery to remove my tumor, followed by 30 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation. I can’t really explain how much it meant to be so close to these daily treatments. My family and I were 4 minutes away instead of 4 hours away. When the chemo would make me ill, it was a relief to be in such a nice suite.

Even though it was a scary ride up to the hospital, I knew I would have a story to tell after it was all said and done. I’m grateful to be sharing it with you, because supporters like you made it possible.

The Ronald McDonald House gave me strength and a support system to lean on. The staff and other patients knew what I was going through and helped encourage me every day on my way to treatment. I am forever thankful!       – Aaron Andrews

As you may know, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. More than 100 pediatric cancer patients and their families rely on your support each year to stay at our Ronald McDonald House. Will you give to support them today? We need your gift to fund their stays!

For their fight,

Katherine Estes Billmeier, CEO

P.S. – I am overjoyed to let you know that this spring Aaron graduated high school, and has started college! He hopes to pursue business or construction engineering! He is also cancer-free!