A Sample of Music Fun

Though our volunteer activities within the House are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, RMHCA Staff has found comfort in knowing our Volunteers are still thinking of our families during these uncertain times.

Technology has proven to be a lifeline for us to stay connected and A Sample of Music Fun is a testament to just that. Becki Stallsmith, a Music Instructor at Bevill State Community College in Jasper, AL and volunteer of the House, found herself in an unusual situation when she realized she would need to think creatively to transition her music classes to an online platform. During this time, she found family friendly music and art videos that are lighthearted and educational. She immediately thought about RMHCA guest families and how these videos could be a source of light and laughter for them.

Ever since this moment of inspiration, Becki has shared her findings ranging in catchy tunes to ‘go anywhere’ through reading and even Cookie Monster’s version of ‘Call Me Maybe’ to inspire sharing with others.

See for yourself!

Check out some of the other videos below based on age appropriateness:

Ages 1-4 

Ages 4-6 

Ages 6-10

Ages 10-18 

We hope you enjoy these video clips as much as we have, and that they spark laughter and fun for your family too.