A Little Happiness and Laughter

2Our amazing Junior Board does a lot for us here at RMHCA. Not only do they hold their own events and raise funds, but they help us during our own events, around the House and in more ways than we could ever say. This group of young leaders have come up with so many great ideas and are always thinking of ways to get involved, but their most recent idea — a Character Breakfast — was truly inspiring.

At our Ronald McDonald House, we want to take care of the entire family — mentally, physically and emotionally. Each family here has a story and a history that got them to this point, no two families are the same but they all have one thing in common. They are here, in Birmingham, for their child’s health and well-being. We want to help ensure the best care is being received and that they are able to focus on that child’s well-being — and sometimes that means doing something a little different.

One Saturday morning, members of our Junior Board came to the House. They got all dressed up — they were in the dining area and living room in full character.

Photo Oct 03, 8 19 05 AMAaron, the current Junior Board President, told us about their experience, “Being there dressed up and getting to see the smiles on the kids faces and them light up with excitement was the best experience in my 3 years with the junior board. It quickly reminded me why we work so hard to serve these families and raise funds for the House. This is their current normal and being able to bring a little happiness and laughter into their life fills your heart in a way nothing else can.”

The families could meet and take pictures with the characters and have something hold their attention for long enough that they might just forget all the bad.

“I have never felt what I did Saturday morning. The kids were laughing and enjoying it. Telling us who their favorite princess was, dancing and giggling. Nothing has compared to that so far. It just goes to show that giving back to the families and the House is not all about money. Yes, we need the financial support, but we also need moments like that,” Aaron went on to say.

We want to thank the members of Junior Board who do more for the families of RMHCA than we can put into words.

To see more pictures from the Character Breakfast (and all around the House) please visit our Flickr account. 

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